Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

These big tires were Grandma Nola's flower beds. They hauled them off and are getting ready to redo the whole front yard! Fun!

Grandpa picking up huge tires with the tractor
Brigham digging in the dirt!
Over Memorial Day Weekend we went to Prineville to visit all the Workmans. We went to help do some yard work in Grandma Nola's yard. My kids thought getting in the dirt was lots of fun. Ethan even got to run a "weed eater." Saturday night we did one of my favorite things to do when we go visit my parents. Larry, my parents and I stayed up playing "Pinta." We played till I was so tired I was giggly. Sunday ended up being miserable for Larry, Hayden and I. All three of us were SICK! The wonderful thing was my mom was able to take the older three to church, and then to my brother Sunny's house for dinner so we were able to sleep almost all day! So by that evening we were all feeling better. Monday we were going to go out to my Brothers' land and help plant corn but I ended up taking Larry to the ER to get something removed from his eye that had been bothering him since Friday. By the time we were done there they were done too. But we had a really yummy BBQ at my mom's house and then headed home. I felt bad we were not more useful while we were there but it was sure nice to have someone take care of my kids while I was sick! It was a fun weekend even with some sickness and a trip to the ER. It is always fun to see all the cousins playing together, and to hold the little ones and see how much they have grown since the last time you saw them. My littlest nephew MacQuarie (I am not sure if I spelled that right) is 7 months old and I am pretty sure he weighs as much as Hayden who is 18 months old! He is so chunky and cute! Gotta love a chunky baby! Over all it was a nice weekend.


Rachel said...

Sounds like a great weekend minus the sickies and er trip! How nice that you got to go somewhere. I haven't been to P-Ville in about 8 yrs! How sad is that?! And my brother still lives there. One of these days we will get over there.


Mo said...

We had fun too! Even with the sicky's. I have been fantasizing about what it would be like to have you come visit if we move out to the new farm. The kids will love it! Won't be long now and we'll know!

Mo said...