Monday, May 19, 2008


Saturday night I went to the temple with Allison and my in-laws were baby sitting for me. (Larry was on call) So when I got home at 10:30 Larry was sitting at the computer desk and he just smiled at me and said "a slip-n-slide hu!" So I fessed up! He wasn't mad though. He just told me we couldn't use it every day. Which I know that we won't! I am not willing to pay the water bill that would follow every day usage. He actually thought it was kind of funny that I was trying to be sneaky but put it on the blog! Anyway I am not in trouble! Although he told the kids while I was gone that we were going to have to throw it away. (mostly to tease them!) In the morning Brock came to me very quietly and asked, "mommy do we get to keep our slip-n-slide?" I told him, "yes we can keep it. Daddy was just teasing you."

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