Monday, May 19, 2008


Can you tell our kids are happy?
Dotty peeking at her new friends and wishing they would come out to play!
Brock holding what he calls "his bunny" Hopscotch!
Ethan holding Marshmallow.
Amelia holding Marshmallow!
I thought getting these bunnies would make Amelia stop asking for a cat. (I DO NOT WANT A CAT!!!!) But on our way home from getting these bunnies Amelia said when I get my kitty we will have 4 pets! What she doesn't know is there will be NO CAT! So you better love those bunnies and our dog!!!


Mo said...

I will have to give Amelia some pointers on how to persuade her parents to get a kitten when they don't want one. It's pay back time!!!!!!!!
Cute bunnies though. It will be interesting to see what Hayden does to them.

Amanda said...

So far Hayden just loves them and pets them pretty sweetly. She does pull on Dotty so I don't know she might start doing it to the bunnies too. But I hope this will be good practice at being gentle and soft.

Rachel said...

Your such a good mom. We tried a cat and a dog once. The cat lasted a week the dog a month. We have found that we are just not "pet people". We collect children instead. Your kids look like they are in bunny heaven. Cute pictures.