Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monkey girl!

Amelia has seen her older brother Ethan climb trees for years and being one of those little sisters who doesn't like to be left behind in any thing thought she would give it a try! Today she found that taking her shoes off made it easier to climb higher!
I'm glad she never really climbed high yet but for her it is really exciting and fun to do something Ethan does!

I just love this little girl. She seems to surprise me all the time. As soon as I think I know her so well that nothing would surprise me she does something new or says something so cute it just melts my heart. She loves to have friends over to play and is quickly finding that Hayden getting bigger is going to be wonderful for her! She will have a built in playmate! I am glad that she sees it that way and is always encouraging Hayden to do what she is doing and wanting her to be a part of her playing. (Even if Hayden doesn't play along the way she wants her to) This can be frustrating to her but she is still so willing to try. I hope she continues to feel this way and enjoys having a sister to play with. I don't remember much from being little but I hope I liked playing with my little sister. I know by the time I was school age I just wanted her to go away most of the time. I feel bad about that now and wish Emily and I had been closer while we were growing up. I miss her a lot now and wish she lived close enough we could see her more then once or twice a year. So anyway a blog that started out to be about Amelia climbing a tree is morphed into something I hadn't planned. Oh well. It is beautiful outside and I just loved going out side to take some cute pictures of my beautiful little girl in a tree. After all she kept saying watch mom watch mom! So I figured why not take pictures of it! I just love that little girl!

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Kim said...

Cute girl. It's fun to see them try new things and be adveturesome. That is a great picture that Ethan painted what a little artist. He did a great job with the lines and the colors. (I think you look a lot better in person :)