Saturday, May 17, 2008

More proof!

I just have to post this because I love Kindergarten style writing and it was a nice little boost for me. Brock wrote me this note this morning while I was in the shower! Can you read it? I'll give you a minute and then I will translate! (I am getting pretty good at reading kindergarten.

It says....
mom is the bestest mom even got us a slip n slide even a pool even a crazy sprinkler
Did you get that?


Rachel said...

AMANDA W!!!! No way! It's me Rachel (Merrill) Berry! I happened to see your comment on Katie's blog. Your 4 kiddos are so cute! I have 5 yes 5 kids myself (there will be no more) and am keeping busy. I hope you don't mind me putting you on my google reader. I love it when I find people that I know.
I just found Sunny on Facebook it was nice talking to him again. It's only been 15 years. Tell your mom hi, I see she has a blog too. I may have to say howdy to her one of these days.
Well I gotta run my baby is calling for me. I'll talk to you later.


The Davis' said...

That letter is SO CUTE! I love the pictures of the slip n' slide too. You ARE the best Mom ever. How fun! Its great to see the kiddos so happy and excited outside. (I think the slip n' slide is worth it... even if it does kill a bit of grass.) :)