Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's day

This is a lovely picture Ethan painted at school for me for Mother's Day! Can you tell it is me! I love that my lips are a heart! He also made some cute cards and things for me. Brock made a cute magnet with a close pin on it in Kindergarten. He opened it his self and told me it was for him and he would share it with me! What a sweet boy! Amelia made these really cute flowers in a jar at preschool that she wanted to give to Grandma (my mom!) which she loved!
This is what I did after church Sunday! Larry made sure I got a nap (Brock napped with me!) while he made dinner. It was wonderful pork rib lets, and baked beans!! YUMMY! He also got me a beautiful hanging basket of fuchsias! He made it a wonderful day for me!


The Hawaiian Gards said...

I love that the dog is taking a nap too! Happy Mothers day!

A big happy family said...

Funny how just a nap can make our whole day!