Monday, May 5, 2008


So I don't have a lot to blog but feel as though I should....
I did one thing that was kind of exciting for me anyway. I cut my hair Thursday. Let me rephrase that. I had Becky cut my hair (I am not crazy and cut my own hair!) But I hadn't done any color for over a year and was back to my all natural hair color and I just have to say BLAH! My natural color is just BORING! Not brown, not blond but somewhere in the middle that has no life! So I love to spice it up a little and it felt so good to get rid of my pony tail! I love to pull it back don't get me wrong! But the problem is when it is long enough for that, that is ALL it does! No variety! So now that I have it short I am having fun playing with different dos! I might get brave and go shorter next time!!! We will have to see. My husband isn't thrilled with that possibility so I might not. (Just to keep peace.) Sorry I will not be posting a picture of my new hair because I just spent about half an hour trying to take a picture of myself and my arms are not long enough to get a picture that doesn't make my face look HUGE! I tried to have Brock do it.... Let's just say my 5 year old who is very good with scissors, tape, and glue.... not a photographer. Maybe Ethan can handle it. He usually can do a better job. So maybe later for now now pictures!
We had wonderful weather this weekend! This is very therapeutic for me! I just am a happier person when I can see the sun!
Saturday I was just so ready to get some more of this spring cleaning stuff done! I am sick of the clutter and mess so I have spent a day or two each week for the last month or more doing a room or two at a time getting them CLEAN! So Saturday I was cleaning the living room and got to the point that I was vacuuming and though the carpet really needs shampooed. Maybe Monday... Then I thought NO I am going to do it right now! So I just finished vacuuming every nook and cranny (the way my dad taught me my sister calls this ultimate vacuuming!) Then got the carpet cleaner out and went to town! I kids think this is always a blast because I move the furniture out and the room seems huge and they run laps! Pretty fun! The nice thing was I moved one of my plants out side thinking it was so dusty and I was going to gently hose it off after I was done with the carpet and it started to rain so my plant got all clean with no work on my part (other then lugging that huge thing out!) So I am feeling so good that the living room looked great that I went to town on my kitchen floor. Let me say Brock has done a little more gluing this last few weeks because he has used ALL my tape! (he is my crafty kid who does some kind of project EVERY day while the girls are napping, in fact he is doing one right now!) But anyway I had glue all over my kitchen floor and it took twice as long to mop to get all the GLUE off!!! But it sure feels good to have clean floors! If only the lasted for more then 5 minutes with kids!!!
The Weather was so nice we even went for a little walk as a family after dinner on Sunday. This is something we like to do a lot when it is nice enough! Hayden LOVES it out side if I haven't said that before! She will spend most of the day out in the back yard if it is nice enough!
My Spring cleaning fever didn't stop Saturday. Today (Monday) I went crazy with my Scrap book closet. I had piles, and piles of stuff I just hadn't found a place for. Larry had built me these beautiful shelves for my paper for Christmas and I just wanted to be able to use them with out moving other stuff out of the way all the time. So I dug everything out and threw out stuff that was junk(somehow some of those old head bands for babies ended up in my scrap closet and I had them in the throw away pile. Amelia found them and thought they would be the perfect accessory. So I just had to take a quick picture of this! My 4 year old with a babies head band on! Oh and her Pinkie Pie had to have one for a necklace!) Anyway I reorganized everything so it is nice and neat and easy to use! Now I can't wait to scrap! Good thing my mom is coming Thursday and we are going to scrap till we drop! (Anyone is welcome to come!) Anyway that has been my weekend in a nut shell! Oh even my boys cleaned their room Saturday and I didn't even have to yell (much!). So we were all successful!

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Kymberly said...

AHHHHH.....don't you just love a supper clean house. I too go through every spring (and late Fall) ad do a good deep clean and I just love the feeling. Well other then the fact that I am terrible allergic to dust and end up sneezing like crazy for a couple days.