Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tagged again!

Wedding Tag

1. What date is your anniversary? March 20th 1999
2.Where did you get married? Portland, OR Temple.
3. Who proposed and how? Larry. I had taken him home to meet my family for Thanksgiving and we were in the kitchen helping my parents get dinner together and he asked my dad if he could marry me. Right after my dad told him that he approved and kind of gave us their blessing Larry left the kitchen for a minute and then when he came back he drug me down the hall and there in the hall in front of my old bed room (the bed room we stay in when we visit my parents) he got on one knee and asked me if I would marry him! The surprising part to me was that he had a ring. I didn't know he had bought a ring!
4. How long were you engaged? 4 months.
5. What was the favorite part of your wedding day? I don't think that is an appropriate question! But I can say that I loved sitting in the Celestial room waiting to go in to the sealing room and knowing my grandmother was there!
6. What would you change if you could? I think I would have asked for a professional photographer to be at the temple. No offense Sam you do a great job but there are some tricks they can do.... Anyway we don't have any blown up pictures of us at the temple.
7. Wedding colors? Purple/ Lavender
8. Do you remember anything special from your ceremony? Any good advice? A comical moment? Other then the for mentioned event in the temple I don't remember a lot about the actual ceremony other then who was there. So many of the people I love and still love were there. I remember thinking that I always thought I would cry (for joy of course) at my wedding and a whole lot but I didn't. I remember feeling so good, so at peace, and just like everything was just as it should be I didn't shed more then a tear or two that day. (those of you who know me especially at that time period would think NO WAY!)
9. Were you clean or messy when you cut your wedding cake? Totally clean! My dad would have killed Larry if he smashed cake in my face!
10. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Seaside Oregon
11. How long have you been married now? 9 years!
I tag Katie, Mom, Allison, and Denise/Shawn


Annette said...

I'm glad that you did this tag! It makes me wish I could've been at your wedding.

Amanda Davis said...

I think you were still in High school when Larry and I got married... But I am glad I got to be there at yours!