Friday, April 11, 2008

Tagged again!

I think this one is a little more interesting.... maybe a little. But maybe not since it is about me. any way here it goes.
The A- Z's of me!
A- Advocate for- my kids
B- Best feature- eyes (I am not even sure about that I am guessing)
C- Could do with out- tardiness, lying
D-Dreams and Desires- To have children who don't fight and know the gospel inside out! And to be debt free and not stressed about bills
E-Essential Items- Lotion, Chocolate
F- Favorite past time..... well next to that scrapbooking
G- Good at- Cooking, playing with my kids
H- Have never tried- Surfing, tap dancing
I- If I had a million dollars- I would pay off all our debt and take my kids on a fun vacation and then save the rest!
J- Junkie for CHOCOLATE!
K- Kindred Spirit- Kelli, Allison, Amber,
L- Little know fact- both my arms fall asleep every night no matter what position I sleep in!
M- Memorable Moment- My wedding day, and giving birth 4 times!
N- Never again will I- Be late for my kindergartners bus
O Occasional Indulgence- To much chocolate (although I think that might happen more often then occasionally, I am working on it though!)
P- Profession- Full time, cook, maid, laundress, book keeper, taxi driver, tutor, wife and mother
Q- Quote- "Remember Only YOU can prevent forest fires!" My dad, and Smokey the Bear
R- Reason to smile- When my kids get along or Hayden does something so cute (which is a lot!)
S- Sorry about- getting home late (by 3 min) yesterday and Brock came home to an empty house! I know I am a terrible mother! But like I said it will never happen again!
T- Tag some friends- Allison, Kelli, Kim, My mom MO!
U- Uninterested in- Harry Potter (sorry just not my thing)
V- Very scared of- heights, house fires, a car accident with my children in the car
W- Worst Habit- A few tv shows that I probably should watch....
X- X marks the spot vacation spot- Anywhere tropical with Larry, But someday I would love to drive cross country with our kids and see all the church and country historical site, and Disneyland (while they are still little)
Z- Zodiac sign- Taurus I think... (I don't even know what it means or what it is for)


Alli said...

NOT INTERESTED IN HARRY POTTER!!!!! We are outraged here at the Bevans' house. Other than that one, I enjoyed reading your answers!

Amanda said...

Sorry Alli! I have nothing against those who love Harry Potter... It just isn't one of those things I have ever been in love with. Maybe I would change my mind if I actually read the book but the commercials of the movies make me So maybe if I borrowed a book this summer I might get hooked. But as for now, it is not doing it for me!