Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend up date!

(No this picture wasn't taken at my house! I actually took it last year at the tulip festival but it is tulip season even though we have had snow the last 2 days)

So it has been a week since I wrote anything.... mostly because I thought I didn't have anything to share. But we did have a semi busy week. I have had lots to do and think about for primary. In fact as much as I love my calling in primary and I love the children... it may not have been the busiest week of things to do for primary but one of my more emotional weeks for primary. We have a lot of moving around and changes happening in the ward and with the trickle down effect we have changes to make, as much as I hate to do it! I just have some teachers that I love because I know that they are so great with the kids, they love them and serve them in a way I can't imagine anyone else doing.... then we have to replace them! It is hard for me to say good bye to them and replace them. As well as many other things we are facing! Anyway I love the children and pray for the best for them!Now on to our family and goings on around our house!
Tuesday I got to teach preschool at our Mommy and me preschool for Amelia. It was fun we learned about the letter X and the sense of touch! This was the funny part. We spent a good 20 minutes talking and sorting out a sack full of thing I brought according to how they feel, (like bumpy, soft, hard, scratchy, smooth...) Then I gave them each a sheet of paper and we were gluing things down and labeling them as to how they felt. I pulled out a match to represent "hot" and all the kids went silent (they are all 4-5). One of the little boy's dad works at a fire station (he isn't a fireman though) he said, "we can't have matches! I better give this to my dad" I was so proud of their reaction and I felt dumb too because I hadn't even thought, "this might not be a good idea." So I taped it on their papers anyway and told their parents they could take it off or cut the tip off... Oh dopey me! Who gives 4-5 year old's a match!!! DUHH!
Saturday we had friends over all day (8 kids total in my house all day!) It was a lot of fun though. The kids really played quietly and had a fun time. I loved it at lunch time I was sitting with Allison's girls and for some reason Brooke and Jannelle have been shy with me lately and I asked them why. I told them they have known me forever and I am their friend! I reminded them of all the fun things we have done together, like when I use to have them one day a week while their mom was finishing up school, and how I went to see them the day they were born, all the birthday parties... I thought I love these sweet girls like they are my nieces! How lucky am I! It is so nice to have people around you that feel like family even if we don't share the same last name, or blood! To make the day a little more special when Alli was done at the baby shower she came to our house to take care of all 8 kids while Larry and I went to the temple with our ward. This was even more fun for us because we were able to travel with friends and get to know more about them. (For those of you who don't know they split the wards here almost 2 years ago and Allison happens to live on the North side of town and we are one the south, so we are in 1st ward and they are 3rd!) This does make it nice for ward temple nights because babysitters are easier to find! It was a wonderful evening in the temple! We had over 20 people from our ward in one session! It was great! Something about going to the temple with people from my own ward makes me feel closer to them! So it was a wonderful weekend and I felt blessed by the end of Saturday night!
Sunday night we put the kids to bed and while Larry and I were getting ready for bed we heard one of the kids up and moving around. So very shortly Ethan walks into our room and tells me he has thrown up. Great!!! So today I have spent the day cleaning up the mess of having a sick child!!! Poor guy! Hopefully he will be better soon!


The Davis' said...

8 kids.... Wow. I'm speechless!

The Davis' said...

Finished pinewood derby car... please we all want to see it, how about a picture or two :) thanks

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Thats funny about the matches. When I taught preschool we had a camping day and I gave each child something they would take camping and had them each talk about it. Well- I of course handed the matches to the one little girl in the room who's mother always told her "Never touch matches!" I think I scared her. Oops.

Amanda said...

I will post pictures of the pinewood derby probably tonight after the races! So I can brag about his big win (that is if he wins!) ;)