Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Littlest Helper!

Lately Hayden has really loved helping. I don't even ask her or show her what needs to be done. She hears and sees her older siblings helping out and she wants to be a part of the action. It amazes me that at 17 months she initiates the helping! This is a picture of her helping me set the table. She was putting the butter on the table! She is so proud of herself when she helps and I just think it is so stinking cute I had to take pictures so I can remember this when she is 4-5 and telling me she doesn't want to help!
We have a rule in our house that when you are done eating a meal you clear your own dishes off and put them in the dishwasher. (I empty it every morning while I am making breakfast so it is ready to be filled as we dirty dishes) So the kids are all really good about it. In fact there has been a time or two I didn't get it emptied and Ethan or another child has put their dirty dishes in with clean ones. But Hayden has caught on to this little chore and loves to help with it. (This is actually her dad's plate.)
She is pretty good about getting the dishes in the dishwasher! She also loves to help me empty it if she is up that early. She will hand me one piece of silverware at a time and I put it in the drawer. Yes this slows things down but she loves to help and it makes her feel good!
A few other things she loves to help with lately is cleaning up messes. Mostly spills. If some thing drips like milk or water on the table of floor she will hop down go to the towel drawer grab a rag and wipe it up! I think it is so sweet how she has caught on to this (I wish my other kids would!) The other day I caught her digging in one of my plants in the kitchen and there was a little bit of dirt on the floor. I told her no digging in the plant and she saw the dirt on the floor, ran to the drawer grabbed a cloth and started wiping it up! So funny. I got the broom and swept it up but she was so willing to clean up her mess! She also loves to pull out baby wipes but not for the same reason all my other kids did when they were little. They just thought it was fun pulling one after another. She will pull one out and start wiping the walls, or the furniture, or what ever else she thinks needs tidying up. I just gotta love my littlest helper!


The Hawaiian Gards said...

So cute! I love little helpers and I recognize that plate she is holding.

Amanda said...

I love those dishes!!! We use them every meal and I get to think of my Hawaiian Gards every time! (we have a lot of stuff like that, a chair, a few blankets, dishes, toys....) I would rather have you guys still here though!!!

Alli said...

Claire helps me unload the dishwasher the same way. It's good when they're so willing.