Monday, May 12, 2008

Primary Fun!

This is a picture of a few of our young men who came to be our Indiana Jones guides. They helped the kids follow their maps to find the treasure (I think they had just as much fun as the kids!)
Here are some of the kids making pine cone bird feeders in our Noah's arc room (they also got to pet bunnies!

Above:Here are some of the kids shooting down Samuel the Lamenite's Wall.
To the left is Sister Gatherum teaching the kids about Alma's Faith and they got to plant a seed!

This weekend we had our Primary Quarterly Activity. It was a lot of fun and with Sister Jackson's help we always have great ideas and tons of fun! We had an Indiana Jones' Themes treasure hunt. They went to station to station with their Indiana guide and learned about one of the prophets at each station. The other stations I didn't post pictures of were Moses and they learned about manna and the travels in the wilderness, And Ammon, they heard the story and played a game moving cotton balls from one bowl to the other blind folded. In the end they found that the treasure was really the scriptures, following the prophets, and our families. You know all the stuff that is really important in life. I had two treasure chest full one with jewels, and gold and another with pictures of family, scriptures, and the prophet. It was so much fun.


The Davis' said...

Your primary kids don't know how spoiled they are! You always have the coolest activities for them. I am SO incredibly impressed. You are such an example of someone who magnifies their calling. Yeah, Amanda!

Amanda said...

I have to admit that all these great activities are Sister Jackson's! She is amazing! If she weren't here I would be looking on line for ideas but she is so wonderful to have great ideas and all the stuff to put them together. We just help her gather stuff, call people to help. The kids are pretty lucky though. We do put alot of time in to make sure it is fun for them! But I think that it gets them more excited to be there and the parents are more motivated to get them out so it makes it worth it to us to put the time in because we are getting good turn outs. (not that we wouldn't do it for 10 kids!) :)