Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Every year we make a Gingerbread house. For years Larry has helped the kids do it and I just stand back and take pictures. The last year or 2 I have gotten other things for them to decorate on their own (since they are old enough to do it them self) Then Larry does the house. This year I got a 4 pack of these giant gingerbread boys, and the gingerbread house kit came with a tree. So Larry did the house, Ethan the tree, and everyone else did a gingerbread boy. Ruth had SO much fun doing this all by herself. Literally by her self. I only helped her squeeze when it got to hard. She was so proud!
 Brock and Amelia I think had a competition to see who could put the most candy on. They both used A LOT but I think Amelia's weighed more mostly because she used heavier candy!
 Hayden's looking cute!
 Ethan's tree

Amelia's very heavy Gingerbread "girl"

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