Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My little girl turns 6!

The day (or should I say the middle of the night!) when Amelia was born. Sad to say but what I remember most about after she was born was just being sooo soooo tired! I had been in labor ALL day. I went to the Doctor at 10 am with contractions, and running a fever. He sent me to the hospital to have her and she wasn't born until 1:30 am. That was with a not great night sleep before that. So I was just exhausted, I remember hardly being able to hold my eyes open once they started wheeling us down to our room. So glad to have our little girl! We are truly blessed parents!

I know I already put this one on but this is Amelia at 6 weeks. Sweet baby girl!

Amelia at 6 months old. She was such a happy sweet baby!

Here she is at 9 months I think... it could have been one. I am terrible, I would have to look it up!

Here she is at 3! This photo shoot was so much fun! I had Hayden's 3 months done at the same time and it was just a special day!

Here is my little girl all big and ready to be 6! I can hardly believe how the time has flown by! She is such a sweet girl, a great big sister, and a good helper to her mommy. She is so good at playing and entertaining herself which often is a help in it's self!


Annette said...

Happy Birthday Amelia Mae!!!

Johnnie said...

She is so precious!!! Hope it was a wonderful birthday!

Mo said...

That was me!!! Johnnie has been using my computer!

Kelli said...

cute! Happy birthday!