Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amelia wanted a "Fancy Nancy" party. We asked everyone to come dressed up and we had lots of fancy things planned!
We played the "fancy" version of duck duck goose, called "tisket a tasket." We use to play this when I was younger for FHE. It is cute with 6 year old girls it is hilarious with teenage boys and my parents!!!

We had a dressed up relay race. The girls had to put on the dress up shoes, jewelry, and crown then carry an egg around the stool and then take off the stuff and tag the next girl. It was a hit! (yes I hard boiled the egg!)

Amelia wanted them to dance too so we turned on our trusty Taylor Swift music and away they went. Let me just say that for 6 year olds they had some Fancy moves!

The girls got to make their cup cakes fancy with as many sprinkles as they wanted. I had frosted them ahead of time and then put out ever sprinkle we own and let me just say we have LOTS! (Although now my stash is significantly smaller!) But they sure had a good time making them "Fancy"! My floor is pretty fancy now too.


Kim said...

What a cute idea for a party. It looks like the girls had a blast. I still can't believe that Amelia is six. Where on earth does the time go, it seems like yesterday she was just a baby. Hope you are doing well.

Mo said...

I wish I was there, especially for the dancing! What a fun party idea. Brings back memories of FHE and the silly things we did!

Julia Shinkle said...

Amanda our babies are growing up! It is just not right...The party looks like fun! She is a very sweet little girl!