Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brock's birthday party!

Brock got from us a pocket knife, (his big brother is jealous even though he got one when he was 8 too!) a new Zhu Zhu pet and a car for his pet. I like these pets no need to feed them or clean up after them! My parents got him a brand new set of scriptures, with a case, scripture pencils, bookmarks, and a CTR ring. Oh and a yellow shirt he can wear to match Grandma. (long story but so sweet!) Larry's parents got him his Cub scout stuff. He got his scout shirt, with all the badges he needed, and she will get his book when they get more at the store. Grandma Lucy got him a game which will be lots of fun. His friends got him some really fun stuff to! It was quite a fun day. I have a few more gifts that are for baptism day, like his white towel, and a tie that will match his daddy's (I found really nice yellow ones!) What a fun birthday he had!
Trick candles! Always fun and good for a good laugh! We hadn't done them for a long time so Brock was not expecting them!

We played some fun games with balloons!

Brock's Zhu Zhu cake! He loves these little guys and wanted a Zhu Zhu cake. Not my best cakes ever but they turned out cute, and were easy. And more importantly yummy!

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The Gatherums said...

Happy birthday Brock. It is great to be eight!