Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Service Projects

Oh I wish that I had taken my camera!!!! Larry and I had planned on taking the kids to his Grandma's house on Monday (Memorial Day) to help her put in her garden. She had eye surgery not that long ago, along with being elderly she could use some help! So we thought this would be a fun project for the kids. Then Sunday (the day before our project) we were at church and our sweet friend who is our favorite nurse (the one who helped deliver Ruth) and we found out that she had had knee surgery. She told us that they goal was for her to get in her garden soon. We told her we would help if she wanted and she accepted. So we told her we would be over in the morning. We took all 5 of the kids (Ruth took a nap on Sister Hatch's lap). The kids were very helpful, digging holes, and putting in seeds and plants. The girls were very surprisingly helpful. They have the patients and the interest for it. They were very careful about how they put the seeds in and followed directions very well. They boys loved digging holes clear to China if needed. Of course it wasn't needed when planting small plants but they are easily filled in. They had a lot of fun. Then we went and picked up Grandma Lucy's plants, lunch at Subway and then to Grandma's. The girls again were supper helpful. The boys again liked digging giant holes, but then got busy with Grandma's giant climbing tree. The girls surprised both Larry and I by staying with it the whole time we were there. Her Garden is probably 3 or 4 times the size of ours so it is LARGE but the girls loved it and helped the entire time. (Some times it is more help for the boys to climb trees so in a way they helped to!) We all had a good time, got along, and enjoyed working together. It felt so good to help someone else, have a good time, and work together as a family. I don't think it could have gone better. I am glad they both let us help them because it was good for our family to give some service together! I would like to make this a tradition of doing some service each Memorial Day.

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