Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amelia's Kindergarten Graduation

This is Amelia's Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Arauz. We loved "Mrs. A"!!!


This is Amelia with one of her good friends she has made this year. She lives in the other ward so they really didn't know each other before this school year but now love to play together! So glad to have he making new friends that are just so sweet! Their little program was so cute today. They sang some cute songs, they got certificates, and watched a slide show of the year. It was cute how they get so excited to see themselves or their friends on the screen.

I love these hats they made they have caterpillars, butterflies and flowers on them. They did a butterfly unit and did so many cute things with it! It was so fun!

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I should have taken a picture of Amelia with her teacher. She just adores her and I can see why. She is such a sweet lady who really loves those kids. She got teary today when giving them their certificates for reading. Amelia read 33 books this year!!! I really hope she will still be teaching kindergarten when Hayden and Ruth go! She was so wonderful! Maybe I will get a picture of them Thursday when I go help with field day! Way to Go Amelia!!!

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