Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brock's Baptism


Yesterday June 5th Brock was baptized. Here we have Stake baptisms. Which is still fairly new to us. Ethan's Baptism was not and so it was totally a different experience. But yesterday was still a special and beautiful day. 1st of all the day was Beautiful! The first day that we not only didn't have rain all week but the sky was bright blue and the sun shone. I couldn't help feeling like Heaven was smiling. (Although I am quite sure I would have felt the same way if it hard rained.) My heart was so full for my little guy! I am so happy that he had made this choice and that he was so excited to take this step. He could hardly wait and he was just giddy all morning long. It surprises me how quickly they seem to make this change and all of a sudden seem to mature and be ready to make these promises. Brock is such a sweet, kind and thoughtful boy. I am so blessed to be his mom. Our family wouldn't be the same without him. I am also so grateful for a husband who is able and worthy to baptize, and bless our children. This to is a great blessing in our home. Brock is now looking forward to being a priesthood holder.
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There were 6 kids baptized Saturday from our stake and 3 were from our ward. This was one of the other little boys that was from our ward, Tige. He is such a sweet little guy too. It was a wonderful day and the spirit was very strong! We love you Brock!
It was also a lot of fun having a lot of our family here. My parents, brother Sunny and his family came from Prineville. I also had my cousin in Dallas, and Aunt who lives in Hillsborro here. There were so many from our ward there to support these boys it was just so nice to be surrounded with people who love you.


Kim said...

So exciting. Congrats Brock, I still can't believe that he and Madie are really 8 years old. I hope it was a special day for him.

Kelli said...

Congratulations brock!!