Monday, June 28, 2010

2nd week of Summer vacation

This was a busy but oh so fun filled week! Monday Ethan started soccer camp and I took the other kids grocery shopping, Tuesday I took the YW to Girls camp and my friend Lindy took Ethan to soccer camp with her kids, and took Brock and Amelia to their first day of Teeny Tiny class, and then I met them at the park, we had a picnic and then went swimming! Wed I took kids to their stuff, and shopped at Old Navy with my long over due Birthday shopping, then we did picnic and swimming again after classes. Thursday after classes we came home and I let them swim at home while I packed and we left for Prineville that evening. That will be on my next post.
Brock proved to me he could swim better then I thought and enjoyed going down the slide over and over!

I am writing this post a little backwards, (as I am not able to move my pictures!!!!) Anyway Each day when the kids were done with their camp activities we would go to the pool to cool off. It was so much fun! Hayden has gotten a little more comfortable in the water.

Brock's Teeny Tiny story included a Dinosaur (surprise surprise!) a little boy, a tree, a stove, and a tiny pot. He just loved this class and had a wonderful time!!!

I signed Brock and Amelia up for a Teeny Tiny art class. They LOVED it!!! They each were to pick a box and make teeny tiny things to make a story with. Then they were to paint the story on their box. Amelia's was a picnic story. She loves this tiny picnic basket. She made this cute little girl, picnic blanket, watermelon, cherries, and cheese. SO CUTE!

Ethan did a soccer camp and had so much fun! Each day when he was done he was sweating buckets and ready to swim! He won a trophy at the end of the week for "camper of the week" They said it was for having a good attitude, helping others, and working hard!

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