Sunday, June 13, 2010

Schools out! First summer camp out!

The kids last day of school was Friday. Larry ended up having the day off so we took off as soon as the boys got home from school (which was a half day!). So we headed to Beverly Beach and spent Friday night and Saturday at the beach. It was so much fun! I wish it could always be that much fun!

We went for a little hike on a nature trail. The kids had so much fun exploring. There was a bear warning at the beginning of the trail (an old one!) The kids thought maybe we would see one! Larry and I knew we wouldn't mostly because it was an old sign, and we had 4 really noisy kids with us! NO wild life would be with in 100 yards of us! They sure loved it though!

Ruth did NOT love the beach. She was tired, and hungry, so eventually she ate then slept in daddy's arms for a while. But the wind is not her friend. I am sure she will learn to love playing outside as much as her big brothers and sisters soon!

We got to spend a beautiful day on the beach! The boys did what they love most, dig and build sand castles! Oh we also got some kite flying in!

Ruth's first camp fire! The kids always love this part of camping. It was quiet entertaining this weekend. I am starting to see the joy of having "bigger" kids and how they interact together, entertain each other, and make me laugh. They are so so funny! We sure had a lot of fun!

Amelia is our "messy face girl" she always has what ever she ate on her face! Marshmallows are no exception! It always makes me smile to see her enjoy them!

We spent the afternoon at Hatfield Marine center. This is right next to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It isn't as big and fancy, but it is free, and has a fun tank you can touch stuff. Plus you can be done with it in just a short time so no one is tired a cranky when you are done. It was fun!

This is Hayden looking at one of the Fish tanks. She cracks me up, just the way she has to kind of pose her self. Even if I am not taking a picture with the camera, it is like she KNOWS she is entertaining me with everything she does! What a silly girl!

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