Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day (late)

I was treated with a very nice mother's day I just didn't get around to posting it till now. Larry made dinner, and cleaned it up. Plus the night before he made me 2 berry pies! Yum!!! He always does a great job at making mother's day nice for me. I have to admit that one of the high lights for me was when the primary children went up to sing to the mom's during church. This was Hayden's first time ever being big enough to join the kids in singing and it was a riot! She marched up there with her siblings and they get all lined up and it gets quiet just for a second before the music starts and Hayden in her loud "Hayden voice" says "Mom I am singing this song for you!" Then she says it again just as the kids start singing. Then again while they are walking back to their seats. I could help but laugh a little! She is such a cute stinker!
This is the card Brock made me at church on Mother's day. I love little kids phonics writing! It makes me smile!

This is the inside of the card Brock made me during church on Mother's day.

This is the card Amelia made for me during Sacrament meeting on Mother's day. I love it because Like is one of her site words so she knows how to write that and not love, so I got I like you mom! So sweet!

Just so that Ethan isn't left out on this post I will only say he did his very best to make sure Mother's day was exactly the way my mom's mother's day always were when we were kids. She knows what that means, so do I and to keep from embarrassing him more I will leave it at that. Ruth did her best to just be the sweet angel baby that she always is!

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