Friday, October 5, 2007


This is the first year we have done CYS soccer. The boys love it! Ethan is really into it and I see him playing as hard as he can each game. The games get pretty exciting! Ethan's team has tied all of their games so far. Which is just as good as a win to Ethan (it isn't a lose!) Brock's team has won all of their games. He even blocked 2 goals at his last game! He was so proud of himself! I was so proud he was paying attention enough to stop the goals too! Amelia is always so good about watching the games, Hayden isn't a big fan of game day since the games are always during her morning nap. But we all have fun anyway! GO Team!!! Oh Brock's team chose their name to be the Hot Reds and Ethan is the Panthers. What fun!

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