Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vacation part 6




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Fishing is the other highlight of vacation! The Jones went a couple of times but they didn't have much luck. Larry finally found out where they were bitting but it was the day they left. So he took our older 3 to go catching! And man did they catch. They came back with over 50 fish!!! Larry told the kids to trick me and they came up the hill looking sad and said we only caught 4 or 5. Then I see Larry lugging a bucket like it is way to heavy and I knew there were more then 4 or 5 fish! They were thrilled. I had started dinner while they were gone and Amelia was pretty put out that she couldn't eat fish that night! She was very happy the next night when they had Fish for dinner! She ate like a pig, well that isn't much different then what her and Brock did all week! I think they both need x-rays to see if they have a hollow leg! I love the pictures I took the next day when we went back so that Hayden could catch one or two. We were going to just catch 10 so that Hayden could have a chance. We knew they would bite fast enough to keep a 2 year old excited and they didn't dissapoint. We ended up with close to 30 I think that time! What happened to only catching 10 I don't know! But They had a blast!

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