Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vacation part 3




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I took a chance and took a picture of Larry skiing while I was driving the boat! So it isn't the best one of him cutting hard but you get the point! He is great at skiing and loves doing it! If I had anther set of eyes and hands I would have gotten a better shot but alas I was driving!!! Oh well. I also got some cute shots of the kids over turning the cannoe. This is a favorite game of this kids since last year when John Jones taught the kids how to rock the boat till it filled with water and rolled over! They love doing this and beg him to do this with them! It is pretty funny. The game doesn't last long because they all get so excited and flip it fast. Then they spend the rest of the time trying to unswamp the boat. John also took the kids out on our new little raft, this was one of Hayden's favorites. We made smores the first night the Jone's got there. The kids were in heaven and the grown ups couldn't get far enough from the fire! (It had been over 100 deg that day!) Good thing the kids didn't want to get to close either!

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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Larry does look like a pro.