Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Life Safari

Thursday we went to the zoo with the family and on the way home Larry and I were talking about how much fun it was and how much Hayden and Amelia would love the Wild Life Safari. We hadn't been since Amelia was a baby. More then 3 years ago. We thought maybe we could squeeze it in before the kids go back to school. We checked the weather and thought maybe we could pull it off. So Friday I threw some clothes in the kids pillow cases and some food in the camper and as soon as Larry got off work we drove down to Winston and camped at the little Wild Life Safari camp ground so that we could go through first thing in the morning. The kids were suprised that we planned a little get a way with out them knowing, and they got to go do something really fun with out knowing ahead of time! They had changed a few things since the last time we had been there. Now they have Car washes by the Elephants. It is funny they have signs all over and they say gaurenteed not to get your car clean. Out kids really wanted an elephant car wash but we were not about to pay $20 for a "car wash" It was fun watching them wash someone elses car.

We drove around the park one time first thing in the morning. We never saw the Hippo and the kids were sad that we didn't see "Gloria". Although when we said we didn't see the Hippo Brock reminded us that I was in the car so we had the hippo with us. I guess that is what I get for saying I am a hippo all the time anyway... Little stinker! So when we drove around the second time before we left we got to see the hippo and they were all very excited to see it floating with a duck sitting on his back.

Here is a picture of Hayden. We call her a parrot all the time because she loves to repeat everything everyone says!

The clasic picture of the kids in our favorite sign at Wild Life Safari. Only our family has out grown the sign so they aren't all in at the same time....

We love the big cats. They are so pretty and so amazing! Hayden kept saying Roar to the Tigers and the Bears.

To quote Brock "these are the ones with the balls" We saw these cute little deer the first time around and noticed how they have little balls at the end of their antlers. On our way back through Brock reminded us that "these are the ones with the balls" Larry and I just smiled at each other and drove on....

The bears are always one of my favorites too. Especailly if they aren't sleeping. They were kind of playing and laying around the first time we went through and the second time they were eating a treat that the zoo keepers had given them. They were pretty funny.

Another of my favorites I love Giraffs. I think they are amazing. I probably said so in my zoo post but they are facinating to me!
When we were done we took the kids to the gift shop looking for something cheep and let them pick out little plastic animals. They could fill a little plastic tube with as many as they wanted for $5. So we let them each fill a tube. Hayden wanted the fuzzy stuffed Elephant though. Which is totally cute. It is just a beanie baby sized one and she totally loves it!!! She is so sweet with it, she had to have it to go to bed, eat dinner.... She has named him Fluffy. Pretty sweet.


The Gatherums said...

We so want to go there. In fact we got a zoo membership, just so we could get in half off, but have not made it there yet.

After seeing your post we will now have to go. Too bad Sept is already booked every weekend for us.

Kelli said...

We've never taken our kids there! That looks like so much fun. We will have to go next time we are there.