Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cub Day Camp and more

This week was Ethan's Day camp for Cub Scouts. Of course because it was the hottest week of the year!!! He handled it like a pro and didn't complain. He even came home willing to mow the grass! He loved every day and had a great time passing stuff off, building things, and being a typical silly 9 year old boy. I went Wednesday as a parent helper, of course because I am 7 months pregnant and it was 106 degrees that day!!! I think I was more miserable then the boys but I tried not to complain because they were being so good. There wasn't any fighting, or complaining! I was so impressed with the boys. I also had to laugh because of all the times a day I think that my child is annoying, or goofy, I went there and remembered, ALL 9 year old boys act that way!!!! I am very very sad to say that I got there and realized that I had forgotten to take my camera! This is not a regular thing for me so I was sad to miss getting pictures of him shooting bows and arrows, Beebe guns, and building stuff. But a sweet friend of mine showed up the last hour and took a few shots for me so I am hoping to get a few of them later on so that at least I can scrap book it later. Brock and Amelia got to go to the child care there that is always really fun for them. They get to do lots of crafts and have tons of fun. They beg to go every day with Ethan. Hayden got to go play with her best friend all day because I knew she wouldn't take the heat, no nap, and port-a- potties so well. She had more fun with Claire anyway! The rest of the week we have gone swimming, played out side, (the kids NOT me!), and ate lots of ice cream (probably more me then the kids!). Thank goodness we have AC and I am able to sleep at night staying cool.
I spent Monday morning getting my glucose tested. I will find out the results Monday. I assume if it was to bad they would call before that. I don't know I haven't ever had a problem before. I hit 29 weeks tomorrow. Things are going pretty smoothly so far. I did go and pick green beans in my garden this morning while it was cool out. I did half of them and knew that I couldn't do any more. But it felt so good to be out in the cool, and working in the garden. I really do love gardening it is just hard when you have a giant watermelon in your belly kicking you and stopping you from bending very far. "Five" is very active lately. Larry can feel the kicks just while I am laying next to him snuggled up for the night. Sometimes they are so big the surprise me. I checked out a book from the library that was for the kids called "What's in My Mommy's Tummy?" It talks about how the baby grows from month to month, tells how big the baby is, what it can do, and all that kind of stuff. My kids thought it was really fascinating. It was kind of fun to show them in terms that they can understand and it seems more real to them. Just today Brock and I were talking about when the baby comes out and Hayden seemed very surprised and said "Baby! Come Out!?" Like she didn't understand yet that the baby was going to come out. I guess we hadn't talked about that enough yet. We will talk about it a lot more as time gets closer though I am sure. It has been a busy and very exhausting week, since we have been getting up earlier, and it has been so hot. So I am very much looking forward to next week while this children go to Grandma camp!!! They are all very excited about it too. Even Hayden can hardly wait to go to Grandma's house for a whole week! I have big plans too!!!

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