Friday, July 10, 2009

Play time

I enjoyed just sitting in my chair watching the girls play on the swings yesterday. Amelia was being quiet the performer for me!

She kept twisting the swing up really tight and then riding it as it untwisted just like this!

Hayden loves riding on her tummy! She flies like a bird or a fairy depends on which she feels like that day! It is pretty cute.

Amelia kept saying "take a picture of me take a picture of me!" Then she would just make a silly pose or face... this was one of the many.

Today we did something I have wanted to do for a long time. I got the kids to clean up the living room and we brought down ALL the Little People we own. They are in clean up mode here and I should have taken a picture while it was all out but didn't get to it till they were cleaning up. You can kind of see that the big tub is already half full!!! Larry and I fell in love with Little People when Ethan was a baby and always bought a set for Christmas, or Birthdays. We stopped after Hayden's first Christmas because we obviously have ENOUGH! These will be the one toy I will save for when I have grand kids. I think it is a pretty universal toy since my 9 year old and my 2 year old will play with them for hours, plus they are safe for babies too! So they will be here for a long long time!
As a side note today I hit 26 weeks in my pregnancy. We have joked about naming the baby Breaker if it is a boy since this is the tie breaker baby. It is also the tie breaker in the grand kids in my side of the family also. It is starting to grow on me more and more and I am actually leaning towards naming the baby Breaker if it is a boy... I get mixed reactions about this and think it is kind of fun... we have also joked about naming the baby Five no matter if it is a girl or a boy. This one won't stick. One guy in our ward thinks we should name the baby Breaker Five, that way he will have a built in trucker name! I think we will opt out of that one! I am still clueless about the girl names. I am not totally in love with any of the ones we put up for vote... I might have a re vote later if I find a few that I really like. I would love suggestions if you have any!
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Alli said...

Breaker Five! I love it!