Thursday, July 2, 2009

52 weeks to a more loving home

One of my most dear friends and her wonderful family are doing an experiment. Each week there is a new challenge and if you do it, it will help your home be a more loving place. She asked us if we would join them to help her a long this journey. I more then gladly accepted! I am always interested in trying new things to make our home a better place, be a better mom... So I am really excited when each week we get our weekly challenge by email. I asked her if I could blog this journey and she said ok. So I thought I would just do a little entry to say this is what we are doing, then each week I will update the thing on the side bar as to what the challenge is that week. If you want to join in Great!!! The more the merrier! I would love to hear others progress if you want to share. We are already two weeks in so I will always keep two weeks posted for those who are just starting now and want to join in. There will just be a quote on the side and do what the quote is suggesting. Good luck.

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Mo said...

I LOVE this idea! So here is your praise.... you are the best mommy ever. I feel like a success when I see you be a better mommy than I was. Never give up trying to make things better. All of our kids turned out to be great adults. Who woulda thought some days?