Friday, July 24, 2009

Hot days!

Today I made the kids help me dust and clean up all the mess from the wood floors now that they are all done! We spent hours dusting, wiping, and vacuuming. I promised them if we got it all done with out fighting we would go to the pool. This was the first time we have gone this summer. I know sad and what a bad mommy I have been but what else would I want to do on my 28th week of pregnancy. Of course put on a swim suit and head out to the public pool! So that is what we did today. Hayden is our "cautious" girl. She doesn't even get in the little pool a lot at home. She loves to play next to it all day and now she will walk around in. Anyway she was a little timid to get in to the water that was deeper then her tummy but she did really well. She fell and went under twice but she was a brave girl! Plus mommy pulled her up really fast!
Amelia and Hayden both played fetch with me almost the entire time we were there! They were my puppies and I just threw the ball for them the entire time and they would bring it back. It was pretty cute.
Brock loved jumping off the side and "swimming" under the water. He has no fear and is very comfortable in the water.

Ethan is doing well with his swimming and will even jump in the deep end and is very capable of getting him self to the side and up and all of that. He only spent part of his time with us in the "baby" pool. The rest of the time he spent in the "big"pool. We were there just over and hour and someone threw up in the other pool and they had to close the whole pool. My kids were kind of sad but I was a bit relieved. I was ready to go home and I knew Hayden was getting ready for a nap! So it kind of saved me! Oh well we had a good time and cooled off. I will take them again very soon they were so good!
I think that "five" liked the water also. I felt a lot of rolling and kicking going on. It was nice to take the weight off for a short time. I can hardly wait to spend a week at the lake where I can relax on a floatie or with a noodle and really get the weight off! I think it will be very relaxing! I haven't ever been this far a long in a pregnancy during the summer before so this is new to me. But I can't complain about the heat since I have AC and a ceiling fan in my bed room! I am having trouble getting out of a chair lately, off the couch and I roll out of bed. I think I am out growing my clothes..... Oh well with any luck only 9 weeks left, maybe 10!
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Alli said...

Tons of updates I hadn't yet seen! You're going to laugh, but when I was looking at the picture of your garden bounty, I saw one that I have in my garden, but I forgot what it was I planted. It's the big green round one - is it just a variety of squash?? I have lots and no clue what to do with them! :) No, I don't know why I plant a garden, just because I feel like I'm supposed to I guess :) Also, I missed the opportunity to vote on your baby girl name poll - I really like Naomi and Esther -two of my favorite names. Lily would be cute, and it would fit one of your kids for sure - too common for my taste though. Good luck!