Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 25

So I am now 25 weeks along. I went in for my monthly check... which I often wonder how necessary it is. All they do is weigh me, take my blood pressure, and listen to the baby's heart beat. Which is all well and good, but wouldn't I know if there was a problem. Oh well I am sure it is good just to check in. My next appointment I have to do the wonderful glucose test. So as of week 25 I have gained a whopping 6 lbs. I am up a little higher then I would like but the Doctor is happy so I guess that is good. I can't complain anyway. Things are going good, baby is growing, moving, and all that good stuff. My blood pressure was a little high which is unusual for me. She wasn't worried though. My blood pressure is never ever the same it varies but it is always a "good" number they tell me so I doubt it is a problem.
Now onto earlier this week. Monday Morning I set off with the kids to visit my family in Prineville. My nephew Brigham was getting baptized on Tuesday evening so we went for a short visit. It was a lot of fun! My mom bought this pool the night that we got there and the kids could hardly wait to get it set up and in on Tuesday morning. We had to fend them off the whole time it was filling! It was hot and sooo tempting that even Grandma, Aunt Jenniann and I got in for a little while. (no pictures required!) The part that made me laugh was that the kids kept saying "Grandma is the best Grandma ever! She is awesome....."
This is a picture of Brock having some time to himself in the pool. He was having a blast making the "seas" be rough and crashing his plane in!
My brother Sam's horse Luna had a baby just a week or so ago so we had to go see the baby while we were waiting for the pool to fill. Hayden was very excited. She loves all things that are mammas and babies. She calls everything where there is a big thing and a small thing mamma's and babies. It is pretty cute! She loved seeing all the animals on our trip. (We drive by lots of cows, sheep, horses, llamas...)
The highlight of the trip was getting to see my nephew be baptized. It is always so amazing to me that they are getting big enough to be making these choices and that they are so ready for them. We are all proud of you Brigham!

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