Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day at the Beach.

This morning Larry sanded and put a coat of finish on the floor and we figured in stead of being cooped up, and keep the kids out of the mess! So we headed off as soon as he got things finished up and I had packed a bag of clean clothes, and snacks. It was a beautiful day that the beach!!! I know I put to many pictures on but I thought I had some cute ones I wanted to share! Plus my batteries died while I was there and didn't get pictures of a few things I wished I had. Like Larry building a dam with the boys in the little river. Lincoln City was packed! The beach we normally go to (D's river) was so full and we weren't going to drive around and around till someone left. So we drove down the road a way and found a beach access sign and followed it. It was perfect. Much smaller, not so crowded! The kids loved finding a "new" beach. Plus because it wasn't so busy there were TONS of shells. And huge ones at that. I just loved these pictures of my girls feet! I was trying to be "artistic" and thought they were kind of cute. I love toes in the sand and water. Hayden was really hesitant about the water. She didn't want it to touch her. I am sure I have talked about her being our more reserved child. Not super adventurous, and a little timid about new things. But I made it fun for her and didn't push it and just made it kind of a game about the water getting our toes and she was soon loving it. As long as it was just our toes and feet.
Ethan on the other hand I have to watch because he would be out to his chest if I let him. But the waves make me nervous since he isn't a strong swimmer. But he is good about staying knee/ leg deep.

Amelia just liked chasing the waves and not really getting in.

Brock on Bay watch!
This is a very typical picture of Brock on the beach. I think most of my pictures of him on the beach look just like this. Brock digging! This is what he loves to do when we are on the beach!

I was taking some pictures of Hayden and she all of a sudden became aware that there was water out there! So she said "momma water, take picture of water!" So I told her go stand over there so I can see a pretty girl by the water. She is so stinking cute I could just hug and kiss her all day long!
Ethan was holding the kite while Larry was trying to get everything ready to fly them. It was a little windy which made it "cold" for some. Mostly Hayden but for me it felt like HEAVEN!
Larry working on the kite! What a hunk!

Yes I know there are no pictures of me but there won't be any till my mask of pregnancy is gone. It is getting much darker, and I really hate even looking in the mirror at this point so it isn't going to happen. Plus on top of it yesterday afternoon my eye started burring, then by night I knew I had pink eye! Good thing we have lots of meds at our house! It is all goopy and everything! I couldn't even open my eye this morning. Good thing is that the medicine is really helping and it doesn't even hurt this evening. It is still a little swollen but not painful. I am not sure where I got it though it is really weird. None of the kids have had it! Oh well, at least it is me who knows about washing hands and can keep it to myself I hope! Anyway it was a really fun day for all of us! We topped it off by eating at our favorite place in Lincoln City Mo's! YUMMM! (My favorite is the Marion berry cobbler for dessert!)

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Ohh what fun! I love the beach!