Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music Camp!

Last year Brock and Ethan did this music camp with our music teacher from MES during the summer. They loved it. This year Amelia, Brock and Ethan were all old enough but Brock had Cub camp the same week... So just Ethan and Amelia got to do it this year. They had so much fun! Amelia got to play the mouse in their rendition of the Lion King. Ethan got to be Simba!

Like Ethan's head piece/ mane? Yeah I made it! All with a paper bag, a piece of ribbon, and my curling iron! Yeah I am crafty like that! Ethan was pretty excited about it and thanked me for it which was nice. I let her keep it so she could use it the next week for music camp if she wanted.

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