Thursday, July 28, 2011

50th Anniversary

Here are a few of the cousins. Ethan, Hayden, Dwight, Whitney, and Ruth. They had so much fun getting to know each other. Larry's parents have been married for 50 years and the family came out for the celebration. It was nice to get to see the cousins!
This is Larry's sister and her kids. Her husband couldn't make it. With Grandma Lucy and Larry's parents Glenn and Nadine.
This is Larry's Brother Lance, wife Karen, and 2 of their 4 kids. Sariah and Josh. Jake is married and couldn't come (he starts law school soon) and their other daughter Hanna is on a mission in Brazil!
This is Larry with his siblings and parents!
All of us! I didn't get pictures of our family or Scott and Annette's family because my battery died. I also very sadly didn't get a picture of the quilt! Back in March I told Larry about how my family had made this quilt for my grandparents for their 50th anniversary and each family did a square. Larry loved the idea and said why don't "we" do that! (This meaning I do it!) We called his brothers and sister and checked to see if they would participate if I sent them a square to do and they all agreed. I got all the fabric cut the squares and mailed them to each family. They all got them back to me "on timeish" So I could quickly put the top together before girls camp, then hide it so Grandma wouldn't see it while she was here taking care of kids while I was at girls camp. After camp I spent the next week + getting it on the rack, quilted, and bound. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) went into it. They love it and everyone said it looked good. I hope they just don't look to closely. I am not a perfect sewer but it turned out. I stole this picture off of Scott and Annette's blog!
I embroidered a family tree for our family square. It had Larry+Amanda stitched on the trunk, each of the kids were a leaf, then I had a little spotted dog sitting there (our dog Dottie) a bike sitting against the tree (Larry and I have been riding together pretty regularly lately) and I had a tire swing hanging from it. I also did one for each of the kids. Ethan's had a lot of stuff on his because we couldn't decide on one thing he would have represent him, he had piano, music, bike, water skiing, Boy Scouts soccer, and baseball. Brock had a long neck dinosaur (I know big shocker!) Amelia had a ballet dancer, Hayden had a butterfly with flowers, and Ruth had tracings of her hands and feet. I also stitched the temple they were married in and I did a 50th anniversary square. Larry's contribution was scanning and printing on a fabric square one of their wedding pictures. It turned out nice. I sewed 9 squares! Then put the whole thing together.... now I need to get busy on my holiday bazaar projects. I am starting to feel behind. It is almost August and haven't done a thing! Plus there will not be a grandma camp this summer so I will not have a full week of work work work with out interruptions to get a jump start on my stuff... So I better start busting some stuff out next week!!! Soooo don't come buy for a while my house will be a "work zone" I guess that is a nice word for PIG PEN! Oh but next year I will have the girls all moved into one room and I will have a craft room! That is another project I have to get done this coming month, paint bed rooms, pain beds, move all the bedrooms around!!! I think I am tired thinking about it now!

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