Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation 2011

Vacation was a lot of fun this year. It really always is. Our favorite lake, great weather, great water, and lots of time with our kids. We ran in to the typical "pirates" on our big trip to the end of the lake. (Which means Daddy and Mommy throw kids off the boat, there are lots of squirt guns being sprayed and lots of fun!) Hayden actually swam this year with out death gripping on to Larry or I! I guess those swimming lessons worked!

Me and Amelia showing off one handed on the tubes. Larry bucked me off probably 5 times the only time Amelia came off she was going a victory dance in the tube after I fell off and she fell over!All of our kids have done this...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on the boat!
Me and Hayden on the tubes. She likes it slow and NO bumps... lets just say her ride was really short this year because it was not a smooth day on the lake when we were doing this.
Brock and Amelia are quiet the dare devils on the tube. Brock doesn't like to ride with me because once I told Larry not to crazy... That doesn't mean anything! The kids start chanting buck mom off! And before I know it I am on the CRAZY ride! It is fun though.
Don't worry! We did NOT pull they baby in the tube she is just sitting there with her sister while other people are jumping off rocks and swimming around them. She loved sitting in there!!!
I can't believe I was terrible at taking pictures this year... I usually thought I should take pictures of this.. but not want to get up and miss what was going on! This is the ONLY picture I got of Whitney my sweet niece! She is such an angel. She would hug me and let me hold her and she barely knew me! Her and Ruth played nice and had fun being the littles together!
Brock built a "lake Owyhee" instead of a sand castle. He found lots of little bits of junk to make boats, a half a ball to make the "glory hole" What a creative kid even when we are camping. The kids loved playing with their cousin Dwight!!! I loved seeing him in those shorts they were Brock's when he was little!
This picture is for Melissa Jones I hope she looks!!! It is showing how full the lake is this year! Typically we are camping where I am standing and there is a good 100 yard hike down the steep rocky hill to the boat... this year... 40 feet at most! It was AWESOME!!!!
Brock is our Pro knee boarder, he does water ski as well but he way prefers the knee board. He will only ski most times if we tell him he has to ski before he can knee board. He had gotten really good at doing 180 turns on it and is sooooo close to getting a full 360! Who knew a 9 year old could do tricks!
Amelia learned on this trainer ski this year and after doing it a few times she got up on regular doubles!!!! So proud of my 7 year old little girl water skiing. She is a little timid about it, which I am not sure why she is our biggest dare devil when it comes to the tube!!!
Daddy skiing! I never can get the best shot of him cutting really hard... but I am driving the boat too so you get what you get!
Ethan water skiing. He has been doing it for a few years now! He learned how to get up on slalom this year! I just never got a picture. He is still learning how to balance it once he is up! But we are so proud of him for not giving up!
The kids all LOVED their cousin Josh. This is a picture of him teaching the kids how to play "We Will Rock you" on their drums they built! Who needs toys. Every year on vacation I am reminded that my kids don't need any toys. They have just as much fun with sticks and rocks! I think I will sell all the toys!
Loving the Sea Bike!
This may be the cleanest picture I have of Ruth all week. She was a dirt ball all week, but loved it!

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