Monday, June 27, 2011

Girls Camp!

Girls camp was a lot of fun! It flew right by! It was full of games, laughing, pranks, and testimony building experiences! Let's be honest I worked hard on filling it with pranks. Allison and I had a good time teaching the girls the art of a good prank. There were fake snakes, spiders, and a mouse tied to fishing line to the bathroom doors, there were stolen clothing thrown in the lost and found so that others would have to dance to get it back, and there was a bra on the flag pole! There would have been more if I had been faster then Allison! But she got me. It was all fun! The ride home was full of Chinese fire drills... I still hurt, and am still tired but hopefully I will catch up on sleep soon... Oh girls camp I can't wait for next year! But I will need new pranks before then... HMMMM back to the drawing board!

Girls headed to games.

Muddy Sophia!

My muddy Beehive girls!

I love how Kierra looks like she isn't sure about this... She loved it!

First day at camp they played monster games. This was the volleyball one. I didn't get pictures of the soccer game or the kickball game because I was playing too!

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