Monday, August 11, 2008

Ethan's pictures

Ethan's pictures from vacation
Ethan got his own kids camera for Christmas and he loves taking pictures with it! He took lots of pictures on vacation but a bunch ended up getting erased. No one knows how.... So I thought I would post the ones he did get just because he is so proud of himself.Uncle Scott
The boats tied up in the cove. (beautiful mountains in the back ground)
Aunt Annette and Dwight
Cute chubby baby Dwight
Dotty (although I think this one was at home)
If you look closely you can see Deer ears poking up in the grass. They came to visit us every night. The kids and my husband loved this part of the evening. Trying to see how close they would come, or how close you could get.


Annette said...

Great photos Ethan!

The Gatherums said...

great pictures Ethan. Keep shooting. You should make it a goal to fill your parents hard drive with pictures. Most importanly. Never delete a picture, you may need it some day, especially if you take blurry ones like I do. It may come in style and be cool some day.

Signed by one who has all her husbands photos, especially the blurry ones and ten thousand replicas of duplicate photos that look the same to me.

Annette said...

How Brock's cut? hope it is looking better, and he feels better. Scott

Prissy & Hero said...

Good job Ethan! You've been nominated! Check my blog.