Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beach Bums!

The Beach
I have been wanting to take the kids to the beach all summer and figured now was the time. I check the weather. It said mid 70's.... we all know how accurate they are but I was hopeful! We got there and it was foggy and cool. Probably closer to mid 60's. But it warmed up some and probably got to be about 73 or maybe 75 deg. At least it wasn't windy! But it was pleasant enough! We called some friends to go with us the night before (thanks Bevans!) Which always makes it more fun! I packed a lunch and put dinner in the crock pot so I would have now worries the whole day!!! (I know so smart :) ha ha. I think we all had fun and it was nice to just sit and visit with a friend
Ethan collecting seashells for his collection.
Claire and Hayden playing together in the sand. They were getting a little cheesy for Allison's camera! It was kind of funny!
Sophia, Amelia, Jannelle, and Ethan playing in the waves!
Amelia was enjoying the "warm" water in the little river that runs down to the ocean.
Hayden did NOT like the sand on her hands and feet when we first got there she was always brushing it off and wouldn't walk on the loose sand. But by lunch she was eating with sand all over her hands. (typical!) At least she didn't do what she does in the dirt and sand at home, dump a shovel full on her head. I don't know how I would have gotten that out there!!!
A cute shot of all the kids digging "the hole"They had fun just digging. They never built a castle just dug! Fun! I did build 6 turtles, each on representing a person from our family. I didn't take a picture before they were destroyed though. Oh well.
Brock loving the sand!


The Gatherums said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. We hope to go to the beach tomorrow, heard it is going to rain, but oh well. We may get lucky and it be great and no crowds.

Alli said...

That was fun - glad you posted some pictures!