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All we have been up to!

So it has been a while since I have done a real post to say what we have been up to. For a few reasons really. #1 We have been busy, B. I have been struggling to keep my sanity the last few weeks of summer (there is a lot more to this that I won't rant about right now!), and #3 We are busy getting ready for school!!!! D. Did I mention that I am the Primary President and when I am not out of town I feel like I am just barely treading water getting things taken care of for that and in between the summer rush of no teachers..... I have been writing our Sacrament program, trying to make plans for the next year.... I won't go into it all. I love doing it it just requires time and I figured my blog would wait! SO here I am with a few minutes in between packing for our camping trip tonight to put a few things on.... It might be disorganized because I really am packing in between thoughts. First off on the 2nd Friday of August we had a Ben and Donna Workman (these are my grandparents on my Father's side) Family reunion. They have only done this a few times so I was soooo excited to go and spend some time with My cousins. Not even close to 1/2 of us were there but I did get to see a few I don't see often. But there are some I get to see every time we go Prineville but I have to say these are some of my favorite people. I laugh more and harder when I am with them then I do any other time. So here are a few pictures of the goings on!

Lyn made this pinata for the Family reunion. The kids had a ton of fun busting it open and of course a few of us "big kids" got in on some of the action.
Here is Amelia hitting the pinata.
Lyn wanted to write "take a whack at Weazie" on the bottom of it . (this is a line from Steal Magnolia) We all laughed and thought it was funny so my kids repeated the line over and over and over and over and over and over for the next few days! It was great! THANKS LYN!
There were three legged races. We are pretty competitive as a family so this is always lots of fun! There is always some cheating involved (always in good fun!) My kids had fun with this one. There was also potato sack races. They were pretty funny!!! My question is does it count if you put each leg in their own sack???? LYN!!! Totally cheating! But I didn't have to hold my sack up either so is that cheating (I didn't have to hold it because the sacks were "small" and my hips are NOT!") We also had some marshmallow guns and so there was a marshmallow war "for the kids." But Amy and I didn't think they were doing it right so we got in on it. Unfortunately I was not a good example and started putting them in my mouth and then shooting them out the pipe... This means the stick really well to what ever they are shot at!!! Thank you Angela, Ethan, Lyn, and Amy for being such good targets!!! HEE HEE HEE (this is my evil laugh!)

Here are all the little kids that attended. Some of them are great grand kids, some of them are great great grand kids of Ben and Donna. I know there is a different term for that for all you Family History Buffs out there but I am not up on all that so there you go. And sadly I don't know all the kids names for sure. I will give it a try. Anyone reading who knows them and I don't feel free to correct me! From right to left Hayden (mine) I am not sure the name but he is Amber's (I think) Hyrum (my Brother Sunny's son) Amelia (mine) Brooklyn (Sarah's), Brock (Mine), Hyrum (Sunny's) Joey (Amber's I think), Ethan (mine), Brogan (Sarah's), Johnnie (Sunny's), Tyler (my cousin Jay's)
My Project

So I went to spend part of a week with my mom in Prineville to try to save my sanity , hey it is the end of summer! I needed a change and a break, not sure I got it. Anyway I asked my mom to teach me how to follow a pattern while I was there. She made one jumper for Amelia and I did this one for Hayden. They match and look totally cute in them. Maybe I will take pictures of them in them Sunday!
While in Prineville we spent 2 days at the lake. It was HOT while we were there and we were trying to keep the kids cool and occupied. We had a lot of fun swimming the first day. The second time we went Larry brought the boat so Ethan got to show off his water skiing skills. Plus we spent a lot of time on the tubes! Way fun! Larry skied also but I have had a problem with my grip. I have only skied 2 or 3 times this summer. I do have enough strength for the wake board though. Not that I can do much with it but I can get up on it for a while. It was fun thought! I spent a lot of time on the tube with the kids! I paid for it for a few days afterwards!
This picture is Angela with MaQuarie (hope I spelled that right!) He is Sam and Jenniann's baby.
Ethan and Johnnie loved swimming out to the floaties!

Brock and Johnnie on the tube. All the kids took a turn except for Brigham. He is not a big fan of the water. I'm glad he will ride on the boat after the first time I took him for a ride on the boat and it was REALLY Scary!!!! (a long story but let me just say the boat was AIR BORN! We jumped a wave!!!)
Mr. Cool I mean Hyrum
Grandma and Amelia swimming. The kids loved these floaties my mom bought!!
Proof that I was there! My mom took my camera and took a few pictures of me. I made sure nothing but my head showed. Although it was a good thing I had my sunglasses on because I had another infection! I think Bacteria really likes me lately! First my kidney infection and then I spend a week with an eye that won't stop watering. Once it started hurting so bad I couldn't stand it any longer I went to the ER in Prineville to get some relief. Come to find out I had a kind of rare infection in my Tear duct. It plugs it so it won't let your tears drain to your nose (they way they are suppose to) and you are crying all the time from the infected eye. They gave me some good meds to knock it out and with in a few days I was feeling much better. I am still on the meds though!! They told me if it didn't stop tearing they would have to do surgery and drill out the blockage! GROSS! Luckily I am not longer crying! So here is my update maybe now I can go get packed for our next adventure!
p.s. for those of you who caught that at the beginning of my post I used #1,B,#3, and D this is because in Home Alone the big Brother does it and I think it is funny! Plus is shows how scattered I really am! Hope you enjoyed my update!

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