Monday, August 18, 2008

The award goes too...

Priss & Polish Nominated me for this award Thanks!

Priss & Polish

We Nominate
She always makes me laugh!!!
This has been such a fun way to keep in touch and see her kids!
She inspires me with the amazing crafts and fun stuff she is doing!
She takes amazing pictures and again I love getting to keep in touch this way!
Julia and Logan
I went to school with Logan and have only met Julia once or twice but she cracks me up! I love their blog!
Great pictures and great friends!
Inspirational and fun! You gotta love All the Ditto's!!!


Kim said...

Thanks for the nomination, I greatly appreciate your compliment and I too love to stay in touch this way. Okay so how do you know Sarah Ditto? She is a great friend of my friend Kim. If that makes sense. Small world.

Amanda said...

The Ditto's as in Birch's family lived in Prineville from the time I was in about the 7th grade on. I went to high school with Birch's younger brothers. So I was around when they got married.... The Ditto's are great people!

Ditto Family said...

I guess it is a small world. Thanks for the nomination and kind words!

The Gatherums said...

Funny how your nominations have turned into a Ditto reunion, but it is only fair to say. I was in the Sherry's ward for a while and Sarah and I were in YW's when I first joined the church. Shaun and I met Birch in the University ward, before they married and Shaun dated Birch's younger sister a couple of times. Small world it is.

Alli said...

You just love these virtual chain things, don't you! Well, at least they don't cost any money :) So much pressure though, like your fave five kind of a deal...all my faves are already linked on my blog - but there's about 30!

BTW, I know the Ditto's too :)