Monday, May 11, 2009

True confessions of a tired, and slightly sick mom

Ok a few posts ago I had a little rant about how I had been struggling with my 9 year old. True enough it had been pretty bumpy for a while. We took a camping trip and ditched a few of our other responsibilities in hopes of getting a little family fun time, and unity back in order. It was like the medicine that hit the spot. True enough things aren't perfect but something has clicked and things are running a bit smoother. There have been only a few short flare ups and a much more agreeable child, and parents in our home the last couple of days. This being said... I thank all those that had wonderful advice for us. Some of it will still be put to use because as things go in most homes there will still be those days where tempers get a little short. But I was reminded of some of the basics I was ignoring. On top of the great advice and support and love I felt from others the next couple of days while I was searching for what was causing so much discontent in our home lately "surly it must me MY FAULT!" I came to a realization that I shared with Kelli over emails. I knew something was a miss in our home and after review I have found and my testimony is strengthened of the importance of Family Scripture Study. Since Ethan started baseball we are often busy all the way up to or past bed time in our home so "to save my sanity" I typically opt to put to kids to bed "on time." I have to admit that looking back I notice that with this plan of mine we have only been reading scriptures as a family a maximum of 2 days a week... Shame on me! So now I realize there is a huge difference in the spirit in our home when we forgo following the prophet for bed times. I KNOW that the spirit is not with us when we are not doing all we can. 15 minutes late to bed to read scriptures will go much farther for us then 15 minutes more of being in bed.... Our home runs more smoothly, I am more calm, more consistent and more loving when the spirit has been invited in our home. On top of the lack of scriptures as a family the week my boys were out of school my cold/cough started getting much worse!!! So many mornings I would opt for an extra 30 min of sleep in the morning instead of my usual up an hour before the kids so that I can have my scripture reading done in quiet and time for prayer and shower in peace. Instead I was starting my day with chaos by waiting for the kids to wake me in the morning. I have found that this is not effective for my sanity. I need my quiet time in the morning so that I can be put together emotionally, spiritually and all that. Ready to face the day because I am prepared. So in my sickness, tired state from being pregnant, raising 4 kids and having day care kids, planning sharing time, and the terrible rain that made us all stay in doors for the entire week we had hit a breaking point. I would like to say I will never let it happen again. But I am human and I know that the natural man will take over from time to time and it will happen. But I am happy to know that I know my weakness, I know the problems, and I know the solutions! I will do better. I will try harder to love, enjoy and be consistent with my children and they in return will do the same for me... well the best laid plans...
Anyway thanks for your love and support. I love getting ideas from other moms and feeling the support that we all need! I do love my children, I know they love me and we will be better about reading our scriptures!

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