Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Play Ball!!!

So here is the cute cheerleader Hayden. She is proudly holding Ethan's trophy they got from the tournament over Memorial Day weekend. Even though he didn't play on Sunday he played in the Saturday game so he still got one! He was very excited. Hayden loved holding it. They won first place and all the boys were really excited. They beat Lincoln City in the final games.
Here is Ethan at his final at bat. He did a great job tonight. His first at bat he stuck out, second at bat he walked, and third at bat he was the first one up in the inning hit the very first pitch and made it to base! The bases were loaded when he got to third (the game was tied!) and he made it home making the winning run. Since the rest next three plays were out! It was very exciting.
Here he is in out field. Tonight was the second time he got a play out there this season. One of the Astro's hit it out to him and they got it in in time to stop him at second!

Here he is running to home.

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