Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend was kicked off on Friday with Brock's 7th birthday. I already posted the party pictures and here is the picture of him with his Dino cake! We had cake Friday night when we got home from the ward lip sync. It was a long and busy day! But he loved it and had a great day! (all that matters really!)Friday while I was running a party full of kids Larry unloaded a load of mulch for our garden. It was a mix of a bunch of stuff and should be wonderful for our garden! He got it all done late Friday night after all the festivities!
Saturday was spent playing baseball and unloading bark dust for our flower beds! Our front yard now looks soooo beautiful. The kids really got into helping with this project. They have small wheel barrows and had a lot of fun running them. (they only hold a couple shovels full but every bit counts and they enjoyed working so it was fun!) Even Hayden got into the action!

Amelia liked running the broom more then the wheel barrows but helped anyway! It is amazing how much help the CAN be when they want to be. With me being mid way through this pregnancy I have to say I feel it a LOT more then ever and it is nice to feel like they are helping where I might not be as able as I would like to be. I typically just do everything while I am pregnant and don't really hold back. I don't like using it as an "excuse" to get out of things but I have to admit I feel an urgency to not over do it this time. I notice that I can get contractions or braxton hicks already when I get very physical. I don't know if it means anything but typically that is a last month thing for me so I am trying to not over do and find out the hard way that I should take it easy. I am not being lazy by any stretch of the imagination. I did baby sit like 100 kids this week, but I am not super comfortable pushing a wheel barrow...

Isn't Hayden cute with her wheel barrow!

Ethan was such a big help! We also planted our garden on Monday and I was surprised at how fast we got it done. We put Hayden down for her nap and Ethan, Brock and Amelia dug the holes and all I did was put the plants in. Then they all gave each of the plants the water with B1 while I supervised. Then they all helped clean up while I got stuff ready for a BBQ. I was shocked at how fast it went and how much help they really were this year! I was so proud of them. Ethan is the official weeder this year because that will be one of the things I know will be dang near impossible with my belly being a giant as it already is!!! He is very excited about this job and I know he will do a wonderful job. It is nice when they get to be good helpers! (And willing ones!!!)
Another exciting thing from this weekend was Saturday there was a baseball tournament. Ethan's team played at 11:00 and Ethan got his very first hit of the season! He hit it clear passed the basses and it rolled into the out field! He made it to 1st base. The next 2 hitters made hits to base and the bases were loaded the next guy hit a grand slam and they all ran in! It was very very exciting!!! They won their game by a landslide and moved on in the tournament. The down side was the next game was on Sunday. I knew a head of time that if they won they would have a Sunday game. I asked Ethan what he wanted to do if this happened and he told me he would tell his coach he wouldn't be there for the Sunday game. Which he did. I was so proud of him for making a good choice on his own. (I would have made it for him if he had made the wrong choice though.) Anyway we will find out Wed how his team did in the rest of the tournament. They have only lost one game all season so I am hoping that they did well.
On Monday when we were all done with the planting, and everything was cleaned up we had a BBQ with friends. It was a lot of fun. We have some friends who are moving away in a few weeks (which happens a lot in this ward). It makes me sad to see them go. We were really hoping they would stay around for a long time but sadly the school district is not seeing it my way! Anyway it was nice to just visit with friends, and let my body rest while we ate tons of yummy food. I am sorry to say I didn't take any pictures even though I really should have. I doubt I have any pictures at all of our friends that are moving! It was a beautiful weekend and we got lots done! Hope yours was good too!

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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Don't you love making your kids work?!! I do... I feel like such a good parent. Good job you guys!! I love summer. I got my garden all planted too... unfortunately I did it almost all on my own. MY one trusted companion, Evelyn, helped me a little. Ohh well... Lance helped me last weekend with the tough stuff. GOod for you to still do it pregnant. Harvest time last year i was pretty preg and it was tough. Good job!