Friday, May 22, 2009

Brock's 7th Birthday!

Brock turned 7 today! He LOVES dinosaurs!!! So we had another dino party this year. He was soooo excited! We had dino cup cakes at the party. Here is the awesome dinosaur cake I made!!! It only took 2 bags of powdered sugar, and 3 hours decorating! It was so worth it when Brock woke up (at 6:30 am you would think it was Christmas!) I left it on the table and he jumped up and down and said, "I love it I love it I love it!"
The dino games were fun! I made some dinosaur feet and we did a little relay race carrying a "dino egg" in a spoon. "Dinosaur egg" toss (water balloon toss) and then just a water balloon fight! It was perfect for our very warm day!

Brock got lots of dinosaur presents for his birthday. But nothing was topped his dino pillow that Grandma Workman made! I will post pictures of it later, you can see part of it in his hands here. He was soooo excited about it! She also sent a Dino movie, and book which he also loved. We got him a bunch of craft stuff for his craft cart and he was really happy with that. He is such an easy kid and gets very excited about ANYTHING you give him. Which always makes you feel good. It was a fun day that will end with him taking his birthday jetted bath in my tub and going to bed in his brand new Dino jammies!!!

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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like fun!

Prissy & Hero said...

That cake is so cool!