Monday, May 18, 2009

Brock's Birthday week!

Brock turns 7 on Friday. I thought I would try what a few of my friends do and do a post a day for him. I usually just do a big post on their birthday but we will give this a try!

This is Brock the morning after he was born. (He was born late at night) He was a really scratchy baby so you can see he had scratched his face already. He is my only baby I ever used those mitten things on.

Here is Ethan the new big brother! I remember thinking that all of a sudden he seemed so big to me! I look back at these pictures and think he was still a baby (26 1/2 months). Hayden will be nearly 3 when baby #5 gets here. I wonder how different that will feel? Brock was a very cute baby, didn't sleep much or at least for long periods of time but was very snugly!
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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Ohhhhh they are both so cute! I love Ethan's chubby checks! I love your new pics on the top of your blog too!