Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brock at 2 yrs old!

At two Brock was totally in love with tractors and dump trucks. He use to push this dump truck around all the time and sit in it like this so much that I brought it to his photo shoot. It ended up being so cute! He was always such a smiley guy!

Because Brock loved sitting in his Tonka like that when I was at Toys R Us shopping for his birthday I found this plush chair and new it was perfect for him!!! (Not to mention the fact that he has ALWAYS loved the color yellow!) I had originally wanted to buy him a "thinking chair" because he really liked Blues Clues too. But this was waaaaaay better! He is turning 7 and still asks me where it is (it disappeared some how a few months after we moved to this house 3 years ago...)

This Tractor cake was one I actually came up with with out finding a pattern or anything. I knew it wouldn't be hard and it really was a lot of fun. He totally loved it! Stay tuned for pictures of this years cake! It will blow your mind!!! (I love doing fun cakes for birthdays!)

Here is a list of birthday cakes I have done for Brock
1st Frog
2nd Tractor
3rd box of crayons
4th Little People (Fisher Price)
5th A clown (we did a carnival)
6th a Dinosaur
This year will be another dinosaur but totally aweomer! (I don't think that is a word but it is so true!)
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