Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

There have been a lot of women in my life who have touched me and helped me become the woman that I am. Maybe they don't want to take credit for that but they have touched me and taught me and continue to teach me how to be a mother, wife, and woman. I can't thank them enough for all the have and continue to do for me! To name a few!
My own mother. Who was such a good example of all I wanted to be that I knew I wanted to be a mother even when I was very young. I remember taking dolls to school on "career" day and saying I wanted to be a mom. She still supports, and gives me good advice when I need it. She is so willing to come and give me breaks even though she is 3 hours away! I could go on all day about the million things she has done for me...
My Grandma Workman taught me a lot about being domestic, and how doing that serves my family and shows love to them. I knew when I got engaged that I wanted to have a marriage that was loving like my grandparents and my parents. Before my Grandma died I remembered the way her and my grandpa looked at each other. They had been married more then 50 years and still had a twinkle in their eye, held hands, and kissed each other in front of all of us. The last thing I told her before she died was "I hope I become half the woman you are"
My Grandma Nola taught me about being crafty. She could make the most fun things. She made Barbie furniture for us when we were little. She was still doing crafts before she died. I love to do crafts and enjoy a lot of those things too. I know that it is a good outlet for me and helps me be creative, in a way that I could easily push aside and ignore. But I know it is important and good for me and my family.
Sister Ditto was my Laurel advisor when I was 16-17 and she taught me so much about being fun and young even when you are grown up. I think sometimes I need to relearn this sometimes because at times I feel like the grouchy old mommy. But then it all comes back to me and I find myself playing with my kids, dancing with them, or taking them to do fun things just because we need to get out and do something fun. She also taught me many spiritual lessons also! One of the many was the amazing trip she took us on to YW conference and we spent a week in Utah just us girls, shopping, playing, and most importantly I saw the prophet for the very first time and KNEW that he was a prophet more then I had ever known before!
Sister Schmidt was my seminary teacher and my Best Friend's mom. She taught me all about how to apply the scriptures to me. I know that the scriptures are alive and important in my life because of her. She also taught me a lot about being able to be fun and goofy even when you are a grown up. I will never forget her cheerleader impressions!!! Or the naming of James when she was pregnant with him.
I was also lucky enough to have lots of Aunts in my life that taught me a lot about the things I needed to know when it came to picking a husband, and the kind of mom I wanted to be. All of them were a big influence on me! But my Aunt Jeannine was a big part of that too. When I was 11 or so I spent a week with them during the summer and then it kind of became a tradition. I loved my Aunt and Uncle. They were fun, kind, and such good examples of all the same things I learned from my grandparents, Love, hard work, and service. My Aunt Jeannine has had many miscarriages! I think she has been pregnant 14 times. I may be wrong. But they have 4 living children. I have lost 4 and have gone to her from time to time for advice. I can't fathom going through all she has and they seem to remain so strong! I have looked to her as an example at times as I have struggled with my own loss and found strength from her.
There have been many other women who have made a big difference in my life but these are a few that I wanted to honor today! I have many friends now who I turn to for advice, strength and support as we go through this journey of motherhood together. I find strength and courage to move forward because of all these women! Thank you all for being good examples, and leaning posts for me!!! I love you!

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Mo said...

You're welcome. It is a great mother's day for me when I can look at my own grown children and see they have turned out to be such good people and good parents themselves. I feel like my years of mothering has all been worth it. Your time will come for that too!