Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bugs and Baseball

This afternoon Larry was moving some of our stones around and was finding a bunch of "potato bugs" Hayden was instantly interested. She loved them. I had to convince her she couldn't bring them in the house because they lived out side! She was totally unafraid of all the bugs and was willing to pick up anything we found. Amelia (a little more like me) would hold them but then all of a sudden thing hey these are creepy and drop them.

Here is the centipede Larry found. He asked Brock if he wanted to hold it and he said NO! But Hayden instantly wanted to! This is Ethan holding it. Although Hayden did hold it for a while.

Earlier today Ethan had his 3rd baseball game. I won't be posting pictures of every game because there would be way to many baseball pictures for anyone to stand! It was a fun game though. They won this one 7 to1! Ethan didn't get any hits but he had an "exciting" play. The only hit the other team made was to the out Field and Ethan and the Rt Field guy made a dash to the ball. Ethan dove under the other boy...thus they lost the ball and the boy made an infield home run! Way to go!!! ha ha. It was the only big mistake in the game and that is ok. It made the other team not feel quit so bad when we creamed them!!!! I have to say that this minor league thing is so much more fun for me the t-ball! The boys are actually playing some real baseball, when they make mistakes it matters, there is a winner and a looser, Not that I think winning is everything and I am supper competitive. Because I am not the mom screaming on the sidelines either. But I have to admit it is more fun to watch them use the skills they have developed make real plays and not everyone hits everyone scores....
Also last night was our schools carnival. It was a lot of fun. I helped with 2 of the booths and had Hayden with me for part of the time. She was a great helper. She would pick the bean bags up after the people would toss them. That is until she got board of that. Plus we were really close to the Cookie walk station and she really wanted those cookies. I finally sent Ethan to take her to the cookie walk. She didn't win though. Each of the kids came home with a handful of junky toys that they love and I am sure they will end up the the garbage the next time I clean their rooms but it supported the school and they had lots of fun and that is all that matters. This was the first time we have ever gone in and actually bid on the baskets that the classes put together. We decided to bid on the family game not basket. There was 3 board games, a rocket launcher (Nerf), jump rope, slinky, puzzle, sudoku puzzle book, box of popcorn, plastic cups, and plates.... It looked like a lot of fun. So we took a chance. I threatened a few people from our ward to stay away from it, ONE of them out bit us but I just bid again and we ended up bringing it home. The kids were so excited! I have to admit so was I. It was fun and we will probably do it again. (I might have to beat the principal and his wife up for jacking the prices up by walking around and keep bidding on things. It is actually kind of funny, but I wonder what would happen if he ended up with like 10 baskets!
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