Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to the Family Reagan!

My Brother Sunny and His Wife had their baby girl today! I am so excited for them and can hardly wait to go see her! They named her Reagan Joy. She is so beautiful, and healthy!!! (I stole this picture from my moms blog you can read more about her there. )

This evening we were watching Ethan at his baseball practice and Amelia wanted to pick flowers for Grandma and Reagen so that they would know that she loves them. It told her they would die before we got to see them again so we thought we could post the pictures on our blog for them.
Hayden had to be part of the action so she picked a handful of weeds to show to Grandma too! (Sorry I didn't turn it before I posted it!)
Brock never to be left out had to pick flowers for Grandma and the baby too! Only he couldn't hold his he had to put them on a paper towel. (Not sure why!) So consider these your first virtual flowers Reagan! We love you and congratulations Sunny and Angela!
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Mo said...

Thanks to my sweet grandchildren! I am glad that they know they are well loved from far away and we always look forward to being with them. Tell them to look for a special package from their Easter Grandma-Bunny.