Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

Here is Hayden in her pretty Easter dress. It is the same dress she wore last year. I bought the girls dresses a little big last year so that I could get two years out of them. They love them even though they aren't pink because they are like "Cinderella".
I couldn't get one normal picture of my kids! I have to laugh at this one though because Hayden was making such a funny face. She makes this face at me sometimes thinking she is funny, I think she is trying to wink at me.

This one was almost normal...

I wish I had taken a nice picture of Amelia's hair but it was really cute! She had left over hair today while we were running around Costco and Waremart and she had lots of women tell her she had pretty hair and it was falling out... so Sunday it was really cute! Maybe I will do it again and post pictures. We will see.
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Kim said...

The girls look like they could be Cinderella so cute.

Annette said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

THey are so beautiful. I love Easter dresses